Serve Gau mata with green fodder,clean water and shelter

At Sewa for all we do emphasize on saving Gaumata. As we know the seissue scan be eradicated by joint efforts. Serve Gau mata with


Distribute food and organize langars for Poor people.

No Plastic Promote No plastic campaigns

Numerous pundits have credited the Movement of activity to the Blue Planet II nature arrangement, delivered a year ago, which recorded to such huge

Environment work for protection, Forestation and Plantation

Backwood sassume a significant function in Natural security.Therei s…climate as soil disintegration, water quality weakening

Education Programmes

Make efforts for the education, Welfare and development of children.

Child Education

Make efforts for the education, welfare and development of children.

Traditional Arts

Promote and protect Indian traditional Music,Dance,Handicrafts and Modern Art

Skill Development

Provide skill development training and promote self Employment to needy people

Medical Camps

To promote and support voluntary donations of Blood,Eyes and other parts of body for charitable purpose and organize free Eye care and blood donation camps etc

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