About Us

About Us

SEWA for All is an organization working for  Gau mata and poor people who are struggling for food to get survived.

A cow in a day eat green fodder and clean water thrice a day. Due to corona we are facing tough time to feed them as we dont have sufficient funds to arrange food because very few donors have come forwarded

Amid this crisis Gau mata is starving but your little help can feed them all

Hence please donate now and be a volunteer .

Currently we are serving Gau mata in Delhi NCR

Our Goal & Mission

We want to see a fearless world for Gau Mata.Moreover we also want to eradicate poverty.we dont want to see poor people are sleeping with empty stomach
At Sewa for All we do emphasize on saving Gau mata and poor hungry people. As we know these issues can be eradicated by joint efforts.
Now days there are lots of people who are sleeping empty stomach hence it is our responsibility towards all Gau mata and poor people to make them Happy by helping them
Our Mission is to establish India’s biggest gaushala. We have noticed that those who help in Gaushalas and poor people through their Tan Man and Dhan they always used to say that their families are prospering from all sides
“If anybody said that I should die if I did not take beef tea or mutton, even on medical advice, I would prefer death. That is the basis of my vegetarianism.”
— Mahatma Gandhi, to the London Vegetarian Society on 20 November 1931
Why should I support this organization when there are people in need in my state ?
Every Gau mata and Poor people can benefit from donation received from society, but in the communities where we work, a relatively small investment can have major impact in the lives of hundreds or thousands of Gau mata.
We believe that every Gau mata and Poor people deserve a quality life, no matter the situation they were born into, but the truth is that in many parts of India especially in Metro cities many Gau mata and Poor people are still struggling for basic right.

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